2023 Local Organizing Committee

Co-Chair: Ken Kiger, University of Maryland
Co-Chair: Mike Plesniak, George Washington University

George Washington University
Elias Balaras
Philippe Bardet
Kartik Bulusu
Megan Leftwich
Matt Rau
Kausik Sarkar

Howard University
Sonya Smith

Johns Hopkins University
Denicce Gayme
Joseph Katz
Charles Meneveau
Rajat Mittal
Rui Ni
Gretar Tryggvason
Tamer Zaki

University of Delaware
Ajay Prasad
Tyler Van Buren

United States Naval Academy
Cody Brownell
Ethan Lust
Angel Rodriguez
Mike Schultz
Ralph Volino

University of Maryland
Siddartha Das
Jim Duncan
Cecilia Huertas
Anya Jones
Dan Lathrop
Amir Riaz

University of Virginia
Liheng Cai
Haibo Dong
Dan Quinn
Joseph Zhu
Yuanhang Zhu

DFD Governance

Executive Committee

Chair: Anne Juel, University of Manchester
Chair-Elect: Anette E. Hosoi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Vice Chair: Jonathan Ben Freund, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Past Chair: Detlef Lohse, University of Twente
Secretary/Treasurer: Daniel Joseph Bodony, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Councilor: Howard A Stone, Princeton University
Member-at-Large: Arezoo M Ardekani, Purdue University
Member-at-Large: Roberto Zenit, Brown University
Member-at-Large: Dennice F Gayme, Johns Hopkins University
Member-at-Large: Timothy E Colonius, Caltech
Member-at-Large: Lisa Fauci, Tulane University
Member-at-Large: Jacqueline Chen, Sandia National Laboratories
Early Career Member-at-Large: Alireza Hooshanginejad, Brown University

Committee Terms: The DFD Executive Committee term begins at the end of the DFD Meeting (Nov).


Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee is responsible for preparing a slate of candidates for various elected offices of the Division.

Eckart Meiburg, Chair
Andrea Prosperetti, Vice Chair
Ellen Longmire
Anne de Wit
Marcus Hermann
Tamer Zaki
Pascale Garaud
Mickael Bourgoin

Program Committee
The Program Committee is responsible for the program at the annual DFD meeting, in consultation with the local organizing committee. In particular, it has final responsibility for the selection of invited papers, focus sessions and minisymposia. The Committee also organizes DFD participation in the March APS meeting, including invited and focus sessions, sometimes in collaboration with other APS divisions.

Peko Hosoi, Chair
Jon Freund, Vice-Chair
Emmanuel Villermaux, MM Liaison
Paul Krueger, LOC ’24
Ken Kiger & Michael Plesniak, LOC ’23
Gianluca Iaccarino
Tom Peacock
Luciano Castillo
Sarah Waters
Kathy Prestridge
Randy Ewoldt

Diversity and Inclusion Committee
The Diversity and Inclusion Committee works towards identifying, promoting and helping elicit nominations for candidates for all awards, invited speakers, Division officers and committees to strengthen diversity and inclusiveness.

Teresa-Ann Saxton-Fox, Chair
Rodolfo Ostilla Mónico, Vice-Chair
Felippo Coletti
Margaret Byron (ad hoc member)
Laura Villafane Roca
Yuan Nan Young
Satish Kumar
Thomas Ward
Ke-Qing Xia

Educational & Career Outreach Committee
The Educational & Career Outreach Committee develops outreach programs for fluid dynamics education and professional development of graduate students and early-career members of the DFD.

Rui Ni, Chair
Alban Sauret, Vice-Chair
Varghese Mathai
Sungyon Lee
Lou Kondic
Draga Pihler-Puzovic

External Affairs Committee
The External Affairs Committee will promote the affairs of the Division through interactions with other professional societies in the U.S. and abroad, through contributions to public education, and by such other activities as the Committee shall choose to undertake.

Daniel Chung, Chair
Jeff Elderedge, Vice-Chair
James Sprittle
Morris Flynn
Konrad Rykaczewski
Douglas Kelley
Pirouz Kavehpour
Monica Martinez

Media and Science Relations Committee
The Media and Science Relations Committee works to increase awareness of fluid dynamics within the media for consumption by the general public (Media Relations) and by the advancement of fluid dynamics science and technology within the science and engineering communities and within the funding agencies (Science Relations).

Alvaro Marin, Chair
P-T Brun, Vice-Chair
Azar Eslam Panah, Ex-Officio Gallery of Fluid Motion Maintenance
Nitesh Nama
Megan Leftwich
Goza, Andres Jared
Jesse Capecelatro
Brian Elbing

Prizes, Awards & Fellowship Committees

Fluid Dynamics Prize Committee
Claudia Cenedese, Chair
Mike Graham, Vice-Chair
Elisabeth Charlaix, 2022 Award Winner
Bud Homsy
Christine Hrenya
Isabelle Cantat
Keith Julien
Luca Biferale
Sutanu Sarkar

Corrsin Award Committee
Elizabeth Guazzelli, Chair
David Saintillan, Vice-Chair
Roberto Verzicco & Rajat Mittal, 2022 Award Winners
Alison Marsden
Matthew Juniper
Alfredo Soldati
Emilie Dressaire
Arezoo Ardekani

Acrivos Award Committee
Amy Shen, Chair
Luc Deike, Vice-Chair
Peichun Amy Tsai
Federico Toschi
Camille Duprat
Natalie Vriend
Aaron Towne

Frenkiel Award Committee
Leif Ristroph, Chair
Rodney Fox, Vice-Chair
Sebastien Michelin, 2022 Award Winner
Chao Sun, PRF Liaison
Osman Basaran
Filippe Coletti
Elise Lorenceau
Irmgard Bischofberger

Fellowship Committee
The Division elects a certain number of its members to fellowship in the American Physical Society each year. Fellows are elected from the nominations submitted by the membership to the Fellowship Committee.

Jonathan Freund, Chair
Peko Hosoi, Vice-Chair
Anne Laure Biance
Lydia Bourouiba
Kenny Breuer
Nicholas Hutchins
Nicholas Ouellette
Petia Vlahovska

Ad Hoc Committee on Format of November 2023 Meeting
Peko Hosoi, Chair
Daniel Bodony
Jon Freund
Anne Juel
Detlef Lohse
Ho-Young Kim
Elizabeth Guazzelli
Michael Plesniak
Ken Kiger
Peggy Holland
Monica Malouf
Arezzo Ardekani